About Us

What We Do

Unfortunately, many journeys of these children go untold and many stories unheard. We want to change this in cooperation with our partners. We don’t simply aim to tell a story of misery and suffering, but actively aim to improve the situation of children in Lebanese refugee camps.

How We Do It

Born out of the simple necessity to entertain these children and give them something to look forward to, we started to hold creative workshops with hundreds of children, giving them the liberty to explore their creativity. This was done via art, filmmaking, music, sports and storytelling. And the candor with which the children responded overwhelmed us. We provided them with a creative outlet to deal with trauma and fear, while giving them the perspective into a better future.

Why we need you

We now want to share this experience with other people. Therefore we created a platform, on which people can inform themselves about these stories and enjoy the artistic projects envisioned by the children. We want to simply take you by the hand, and let the children tell their own stories. You can join our journey on our website, become a part of it by donating, visit our traveling exhibition, collaborate with us on one of our projects or just enjoy the beautiful art they created.


Mishwar NGO was launched in May of 2016 as a response to the ongoing refugee crisis in Lebanon. The organization works with hundreds of youth in the North of the country, mainly operating in three tent settlements and one refugee camp, among several other locations. Through creative workshops of music, sports, community art, cinema, filmmaking and more, Mishwar aims to improve the severe psycho-social depredations, harsh economic conditions, and lack of educational opportunities from which these communities suffer. Through their countless creative projects, Mishwar brings together different communities and realizes the potential, which is all too often lost in such difficult circumstances.


The Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation is a German political foundation committed to the promotion of liberal principles and political education in Germany and abroad. The goal of the foundation is to strengthen the principles of freedom and dignity for all people, in all areas of society. FNF realizes this through innovative initiatives that support liberal civic education, political consulting, entrepreneurship, human rights and female empowerment.

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